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Rolling Line 400 mm | Rolling Line 560 mm


Rolling Line 400 mm

Rolling line 400 mm is a rolling mill of light profiles, composed of:

  • a furnace heated for semi-finished products 100 x 100 x 2000 mm, with a productivity of 8 to/hour;
  • two rolling lines:
    • o the preparation sector, composed of two ireversible duo-stands, disposed in line, cylinders with the diametre 550x1500 mm;
    • o the finishing sector composed of three trio apparent stands, irreversible and disposed in line, with rolls with the diametre 330x800 mm;
  • a cooling bed with stepping beams of 36 m length;
  • cold cutting shears;
  • straightening table with cylindrical rolls.

The workshop holds lifting equipment, raw material storage house, provided with cutting shears for semi-finished products, and finished products store house.

The storehouses are accessed by auto ways and railway lines.

The profile range acquired by this rolling mill is:

  •  angles with equal legs 40x40x4mm;50x50x5mm;60x60x6mm;70x70x7 mm;
  •  angles with unequal legs 60x40x5;6mm;
  •  flat bulb 80 x 5; 6 mm, 100 x 7; 8 mm, 120 x 6; 7; 8 mm.


Rolling Line 560 mm

  • the heating furnace sub-section has two pushing furnaces with a productivity of 70 to/h each;
  • the rolling mill is composed of:
    • two preparing stands, identical duo reversible, each executing 3-5 passes, each having rolls of 730x1700mm diametre;
    • one duo irreversible stand with rolls of diametre 610x1000 mm, with a single pass;
    • a continuous line made up of three duo stands, irreversible, with the diametre 560x900 mm; the last before last stand being horizontal or vertical.
  • finishing subsection made up of:
    • 5 saws for hot cutting
    • 3 cooling beds
    • 3 straightening machines for profiles with cylindrical rolls.

The workshop is provided with lifting equipment of up to 50 feet, raw material and finished product covered storehouse.

The storehouses are accessed by auto-ways and railways.

The raw materials used for this rolling mill:

  • square billet, in the range of 100 x 100 – 140 x 140 x 6000 mm;
  • square blooms in the range of 150 x 150 – 200 x 200 x 6000 mm.
  • The range of profiles that is obtained in this rolling mill is:

    • angles with unequal wings 100 x 75 x 7; 8 mm;
    • angles with equal wings 80 x 80 x 8 – 140 x 140 x 15 mm;
    • INP 120 – 160 mm;
    • UNP 80 – 200 mm;
    • flat bulb 140 x 7;8;9 – 220 x 10;11;12 mm
    • railway section CF 28,5 kg/ml;
    • electricity conductor rail for subway.




Flat bulb steel


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