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SC Laminorul SA Braila, produces a very large range of hot rolled sections in order to satisfy as many requirements as possible from the steel users, with a minimum impact on the environment.

By the correct and responsible exploitation of the fabrication lines, the impact on the environment is minimalized.

The activities specific to the company are carried out obligatorily in conformity with the stipulations of the national law, which are in accordance with the standards of the EUROPEAN UNION, by means of the stipulation of the respective directives.

The alignment to the directive IPPC (Integrated Prevention and Control of the Industrial Pollution) is recognized by the issuance of the environment authority of the Integrated Environment Authorization no. 28/25.10.2007, issued before 24.10.2014, which proves that any emission resulting from the activities carried out at the location does not breach any legal requirements in the field of environment protection.

The environmental policy adopted on all levels of organization of the company compartments imposes itself daily by:

  •  compliance with every standard for the alignment to the legislation, regulations and other environmental requirements;
  • continuous improvement of the environment by systematic monitoring of the environmental factors, minimizing the impact on the environment and prevention of pollution;
  • development, improvement and implementation of the production methods with low impact on the environment by improving the existing equipments;
  • control of the environmental risks and elimination of the risks of pollution
  •  strategic investments in new equipments and technologies for the efficient utilization of the natural resources, energy and grounds we have available;
  • administration of the waste generated at the organizational level, and their responsible elimination;
  •  awareness of the employees regarding their individual roles to achieve their goals of environment protection;
  •  permanent informing of the suppliers and contractors of the company with regard to the compliance with the environment protection of SC Laminorul SA Braila by applying in all activities, the durable principle of development.


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