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SC LAMINORUL SA BRAILA– eighteen years of tradition history

SC Laminorul SA Braila is a large commercial company, specialised in the production of hot rolled sections.

Set up shortly after the first world war, the company has become part of the history of the city. The existance of an important labour source, the reduced cost of the grounds for constructions, as well as the possibility to import raw materials by waterways (with the considerable reduction of transportation costs), made possible an industrial activity of almost one century of continuity.

SC Laminorul SA Braila came into being in the year 1923 with the name ,,David Goldenberg and the sons’’, through the Company Contract no. 136/17.01.1923. The Company, with the registered offices in Transilvania Street, produced initially drawn wire, nails and metallurgical articles. After four years, in 1927, the production became intensified with chains, screws, and bolts.

In 1928, the anonymous company ,,Industria Sarmei’’ Cluj, requests from the Mayor’s Hall, a ground for the building of a rolling mill, that they received for free, in the following year by Government Decision no. 02695/11.02.1929. This is how the first wire and section rolling mill from Muntenia, is founded in a place called Osarie, on a surface of 5 hectars.

In the year 1929, Laminorul 1 is set in motion, and produces wire of variable dimensions from imported billet. Laminorul 2 is built and set in motion in the year 1931 by the company ,,David Goldenberg and the sons’’. And here the production consists of wire, reinforcement steel, flat steel, steel for screws and bolts.

The company “David Goldenberg si Fii” is purchased in 1933 by Max Auschnitt and included in the association TITAN - NADRAG – CALAN. In the year 1933, the workshop for hay forks is set up, attached to Laminorul 1.

Starting with the year 1938, the company ’’David Goldenberg and Sons’’, is named ’’Intreprinderile Metalurgice Dunarene’’. On June 11th, 1948, both companies are nationalized and function continuously, independently, until 1959, when ’’Intreprinderile Metalurgice Dunarene’’ and ’’Industria Sirmei’’ unite under the name of ’’Uzina Laminorul Braila’’.

During this period a continuous diversification of the production takes place, and in 1967, when the commercial workshop is commissioned, new machinery is imported from Germany. During the years 1967-1968, Laminorul 2 is modernized, and in 1973 Laminorul 3 is commissioned, built from disused machinery in order to produce square, round, flat and special sections used in machinery construction. During the same year, two mini-rolling mills utilizing the same raw material, laminated wire in bundles, start to function.

The cold drawing workshop and the nail workshop are modernized between the years 1974-1975, but in 1978 the Drawn Bar Workshop shall produce round, square and flat steel for machinery construction, delivered drawn or annealed in controlled atmosphere.

Laminorul 4 is commissioned in December 1979. Laminorul 4 assimilates and produces round profiles, square profiles, flat profiles, INP profiles, UNP profiles, equal leg angles, unequal leg angles, rim, and special profile for shipbuilding, thus supplementing the range of profile produced by the company. Due to the fifty year experience in planning the rolling technologies, in the 80s, Laminorul Braila could produce any profile with the cross section starting from 36 mm2 to 6400 mm2, depending on the requirements of the market.

Starting from 1993, the design is computerized with the help of the programming specialists of the company.

The company has succeeded to overcome the transition and is in full process of modernization.



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